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What people are saying about Carbaret Drive-In Experience

"They could do more than show a film — They could put on a show. So far, the CarBaret has featured acrobats, a magician and music acts like Ishi that get people flashing their headlights to the beat."

"Some venues have also found clever ways to integrate audience participation and a wide assortment of artistic performances. It’s not unlike classic drive-ins, which Cohen wrote often accompanied movies with events like “dare-devil car rides, circus acts, high-tower dives” and fireworks. Reid Robinson, who recently opened a bar and restaurant in Richardson, Texas, says he got the idea to turn the shuttered space’s parking lot into a drive-in performance space now called the Carbaret."
-Fast Company Magazine

"Carbaret repurposed an old-time concept for the modern pandemic, inviting spectators to watch films, variety acts and live music safely from their cars in the parking lot behind Brizo. The film selection has included Night of the Living Dead, The Birds and Labyrinth.

“Our artists and the films shown have done an excellent job reflecting the events around us,” Robinson says, “and while we're certainly having fun, there's a playfully dark mood with performances built around [the films].” Pop-ups have appeared in parking lots... But Robinson did it first." 
-Dallas Observer

House Rules

  • Social Distancing is required from every car.

  • Masks are required when away from your car.

  • Please turn off head lights during showtime.

  • Tune-in your radio to 93.5FM for N. Texas shows.

  • Turn on your hazards if you need assistance. 

  • Be polite and enjoy the show.

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